At home and abroad, outdoor leisure supplies unveiled peace

Source: ZheJiang sanheng industrial & Trade CO.,LTD.Publication time:2017-07-04

In the morning, the sea is special (Tiananmen flag class use outdoor sunshade umbrella manufacturer) under the sun in the afternoon, fishing; grass and willow weaving Taketo at night, lying on the couch; taipusen Hengfeng (President Hu Jintao visited, 5.12 earthquake relief made outstanding contributions to the tent) the stars in the sky...... All this is no longer played in foreign films, and those outdoor recreational products are no longer possible.

Tomorrow, will be carried out at the peace Convention Center, International Conference of outdoor leisure supplies, and the second China International Garden, outdoor furniture and leisure products exhibition, a great opportunity for you to provide a "eyes".

The exhibition will cover outdoor furniture, garden supplies, outdoor backpacks, outdoor clothing, outdoor footwear, camping equipment, mountaineering / climbing equipment, outdoor sports equipment, outdoor sports equipment, barbecue equipment, etc..

Exhibition background

At present, China's economy is in a period of rapid development, and has gradually become a global garden, outdoor furniture and leisure products production and marketing countries. After years of development, China's manufacturing enterprises have greatly improved their production capacity, product quality and R & D efforts.

Hangzhou is one of the most developed Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic city, the economy has been for many years in the national capital city in the second, 07 Hangzhou local GDP has reached 410 billion, the per capita has reached $8100, fiscal revenue has reached 80 billion.

Hangzhou is also the private economy strong city, the country's top 500 private enterprises, Hangzhou city accounted for 65, accounting for more than 13%, Zhejiang is the main producing areas of outdoor furniture and leisure activities, China garden, the exhibition held in Hangzhou peace Exhibition Center, from the 70% of the exhibitors only a few factories a few hours or even minutes, more convenient for enterprises to study. Has become a green channel for overseas buyers looking for Chinese partners.

Exhibition purposes

In the first Chinese (Hangzhou) international outdoor furniture and leisure products exhibition, continue to use the two markets both at home and abroad, two kinds of resources and promotion of Hangzhou and China's outdoor products manufacturing enterprises, take the opportunity to purchase, with professional and international principles, improve product specialization level and international competitiveness.

To this exhibition carrier built display, high level of garden and outdoor camping supplies exchanges and trade, and promote the development of Hangzhou leisure industry, become an important place for domestic and foreign outstanding brand products in the mainland market promotion, outdoor sports enthusiasts gathering important occasions.

Buyer resources

Overseas: nearly a thousand professional buyers from the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Czech, Holland, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao and other more than 20 countries and regions.

Domestic: retail stores, supermarkets, supervisors, distributors, outdoor sports franchised stores, Sporting Club Hotel purchasing supervisor, and villa developers, municipal contractors, tourist attractions buyers.

Main activities

Tomorrow morning, the exhibition will be officially launched in peace. From 14:30 p.m. to 16:30 p.m., the conference and forum activities will be held at the two floor of the Convention and Exhibition center. Outdoor leisure enterprises on Industry Union speech, Deputy Secretary General of Department of market operation division China Real Estate Association, Hangzhou long leisure industry experts will do the report, coastal city will also to the guests, the introduction of the development of the local outdoor recreation industry.

March 5th 9:00 to 16:00, at the Hangzhou peace conference and Exhibition Center on the two floor, will be held to build outdoor furniture and leisure products brand activities. By then, the Ministry of Commerce Chinese Business Advertising Association, Communication University of China, doctoral tutor Liu Libin will do the "brand to enter the market, the only way which must be passed" speech, Sanfo outdoor store general manager Zhang Heng, German design experts and professional issues will also make a speech.

On the last day of the exhibition, that is, March 7th, the exhibits will be open to the public. Maybe you can find a good outdoor leisure product. After this overcast and rainy day, the armed forces are all ready to go out and relax.